Retirement Threats

Do you perceive any threats to your retirement savings?  Do you have control of your assets, unfettered?  Do you anticipate and plan for these threats? Please click the short link to see the complete articles.


Retirement Threats

Author : Andrew Hoffman
Published: August 20th, 2012

This afternoon, I’m highlighting the work of Miles Franklin blog reader “G,” who sent me a detailed analysis of the various “RETIREMENT THREATS” we all face, taken from the financial perspective.  Such analysis was done in the context of making personal decisions as to which assets to own, how to own them, and where to hold them.  ALL readers – regardless of age or circumstances – should be aware of these issues, relevant to investment decisions of all kinds:

Threats to Retirement

I agree with essentially all “G” has written, with a few comments of my own:

1. In the “Confiscation of Retirement Accounts” section, he writes “One reason for the government NOT to do this is that IRAs hold stock.”  This is an astute observation, showing how little thinking goes through the mind of status quo maintaining politicians.  Talk about a “Hobson’s Choice!”  In other words, if the government tries to confiscate IRAs and put the proceeds into Treasury bonds, how will they prevent the stock market from crashing when they sell all those stocks?  Ultimately, circumstances will dictate their actions; but rest assured, every ACTION has an equal and opposite REACTION!

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Another article:

    Three Critical Threats to Your Retirement

By Money and Markets, on February 15th, 2011
Nilus Mattive

I’m not going to mince words, today. Whether you’re far away from retirement like I am, or you’ve already stopped working, you face at least three critical threats …

Retirement Threat #1: The Social Security Situation Is Worsening!

Last year, Social Security’s trustees were calling for a permanent state of underfunding — meaning the program would take in less money than it paid out in 2016. But in fact, the system ended up running a deficit in 2010 while current recipients were also denied a cost of living increase.

Now, two weeks ago, the Congressional Budget Office said permanent underfunding is already here! And 2011 also marked the second year in a row without a cost of living benefit for current recipients.

If anything, I have been too optimistic about lawmakers’ intentions to address the systemic problems with the system. Politicians not only continue to kick the can further down the road, but they are exacerbating the problems further …

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Another article:

Legislators Threaten Existing Retirement System

This is not me acting goofy.  It is Frustration with WP…

Lowell Smith | President
November 29, 2012


With an almost insurmountable budget deficit and the threat of increasing almost everyone’s taxes if the “Fiscal Cliff” is not addressed, Congress is looking at all avenues to “grab” revenue. At $18.5 trillion in assets, the retirement plan marketplace looks like a tempting place to start.

The lure is there for Congress. But it’s a temptation they must resist to look at what is best for the country over the long haul.

Here are the facts:

To remain solvent, the current Social Security System needs to be altered to reduce benefit payments. If those payments are reduced and perhaps eliminated for some, you must take stress off that system by encouraging individual retirement savings.

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