What ever happened to US Sovereignty?

This is over my head.  It is from someone who can not speak to a large audience.  I trust this person whom I call a friend.

What ever happened to US Sovereignty?

Remember, you are living UNder emergency doctrine. Be nice if all the hoopla wasn’t around 40 years too late to prevent militarization and federalization of state and local police agencies. Let’s look:

Expatriated aliens were authorized by a compromised Congress to enter into the State Police agencies under pretense of The Police And Law Enforcement Training And Education Act, Title 1, of the Omnibus Crime Control And Safe Streets Act of 1968 (42 USC 3711, et seq.)

Now, under the Safe Streets Act (doesn’t that sound nice?) pertaining to participants of the State Police Corp Program, it states that participants shall be selected on a competitive basis by each State under regulations prescribed by the director. Under Subpart B it states, “Selection criteria and qualifications: In order to participate in a State Police Corp Program, a participant must: (a) Be a citizen of the United States or be an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States.”

In the ‘state of Washington’, participants in the State Police Corp Program and all law enforcement personnel are required to engage in basic law enforcement training which complies with standards adopted by the Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission (see: RCW Chapter 43.101), which directly receives grants, funds and gifts from any source, and specifically the funds appropriated by Congress under the Crime Control Act of 1973 via The Fund and The Bank through their fiscal depository agent, the Federal Reserve, which are charged back against the United States Law Enforcement Assistance Administration Funds (LEAA) which the state is required to make available to “units of local government” pursuant to Section 303(a)(2) of Part C of the Crime Control Act of 1973… and amendatory acts related thereto. The 1973 Law Enforcement Assistance Act (LEAA) stated that the International Organization was, in fact, the police, the prosecutors, public defenders and corrections. It’s ALL “international”. We’ll get to INTERPOL shortly.

– 1968, Safe Streets. Ring a bell for any gun control legislation at the Fed level? No coincidence… Fast forward to the 1980’s:

In 1988 the Congress of the United States determined that the specific Oath required of all officers of the de jure United States of America (pursuant to Article VI of the Constitution for the United States of America) was obsolete, and that INTERPOL agents, such as the U.S. Marshals were no longer subject to, nor directed to service and labor on behalf of We, the People. See: 28 USC 563, which is the statutory provision for and the oath of office for, a U.S. Marshal. This is referred to as form USM1. This is the Oath of Office for the Director and each United States Marshal, and law enforcement officer in the service of the United States before taking office.

The oath or affirmation is to “faithfully execute the duties” of that office. No mention is made of the Constitution.  And at the bottom statement of the oath, it states: “Prior editions of this form are obsolete and are not to be used.”

This was the 1973 edition and was filed on October 6, 1986. Then they came back in 1988 with the changes to be effected pursuant to the Omnibus Drug Initiative Act of 1988, with an amendment called the U.S. Marshal Service Act. This is reflected directly beneath 28 USC 563 where you will find Public Law 101-690, November 18, 1988, which authored the changes in the Oath requirements and essentially repealed the Oath to the Constitution, and also provided for a new Section 564. This new section states:

564. Powers as sheriff.
United States marshals, deputy marshals and such other officials of the Service as may be designated by the Director, in executing the laws of the United States within a State, may exercise the same powers which a sheriff of the State may exercise in executing the laws thereof.

He does not exercise the powers of the Sheriff, only the laws of the United States. To do otherwise would be usurpation of authority. And, if he exercises the power of the Sheriff, such as in doing a foreclosure sale, which they have been known to do, it is outside their authority (as in IRS foreclosures). But they do it, and many other things reserved to the Sheriffs, without so much as notifying them, today.

Looking to the Congressional Record of the U.S. House of Representatives for September 22, 1988, page 7935, is the following quotation:
“Amended Section 563, provides generally that the director U.S. Marshal’s and all law enforcement officers of the service must take an oath to faithfully execute the duties of their offices. This section deletes the specific oath prescribed by the current Section 563, certain of the language therein had become obsolete.”

Continuing on over to the next page:
“Mr. Morehead: Mr. Chairman, I strongly support the adoption of the U.S. Marshall Service Act as an important and much needed amendment to House Resolution 5210, the Omnibus Drug Initiative Act of 1988. (This goes INTERNATIONAL in 1989.) The amendment will strengthen the ability of the Marshal’s Service to perform its vital role in the nations drug and law enforcement efforts. U.S. Marshal Service occupies a crucial position on the war on drugs. It is the Marshal’s Service that protects the courts and witnesses in highly sensitive drug trials and produces prisoners for trial, tracks down and captures dangerous drug fugitives, manages and disposes of criminal assets seized from drug traffickers and takes custody of and transports drug related offenders following their arrest. Those tasks constitute critical central stages of the federal criminal justice system, post arrest and pre-conviction, and without the successful performance of them, our justice system would cease to function.”

They operate under these particular Acts , and when you read over to the next column, you see Mr. Bennett speaking in the middle of the page. Mr. William Bennett was the Secretary of Education, and then was promoted as the new ‘Drug Czar’.

“Mr. Bennett: Mr. Chairman, the end block amendment that is before us includes a ‘Sent to Congress Resolution’ that read, ‘The Congress encourages the United Nations to explore ways and means to accomplish an international force or mechanism aimed at stopping the trafficking of illegal drugs.”

Well, there you have it: That’s who they work for… The Fund and The Bank, they all have extradition clauses.

There are also explanatory statements in all of the volumes under Title 22 of the United States Code, which gives a number of acts that took place after the one quoted above, including the International Drug Enforcement Act of 1989.

The INTERPOL agents are a part of the international force under the direction and control of the Secretary General of the United Nations. The Secretary of Treasury, also known as the Alien Corporate “Governor” of The Fund and The Bank (22 USC 286, et seq.), serves as the “alternate permanent member” to INTERPOL, and the U.S. Attorney serves as the “permanent member” to INTERPOL. (From U.S. Government Manual, USNCB.) Now, when you go to THE CONSTITUTION AND GENERAL REGULATIONS FOR INTERPOL, under Article 30 you will find the following:

“In the exercise of their duties, the Secretary General and staff shall neither solicit or accept instructions from any government or authority outside the organization. They shall abstain from any action that might be prejudicial to their international task. Each member of the organization shall undertake to respect the exclusively international character of the duties of the Secretary General and the staff and abstain from influencing them in the discharge of their duties.”

INTERPOL, of course, can only work through the U.S. National Central Bureau, (NCB). It has no investigative powers in any country. The organization consists of international police officers who have given up their allegiance to their individual countries for the term assigned to Interpol. Look up 8 USC 1481 and you will find expatriation.

The (“federal”) Internal Revenue Service is also an Agency of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), and solicits and collects information for 150 Foreign Powers. Under TDO 92, Internal Revenue Agents are trained under the direction of the Division of “Human Resources” (U.N.) and the Commissioner (INTERNATIONAL), by the “Office of Personnel Management”. Under Executive Order 10422, the Office of Personnel Management is under the DIRECTION of the Secretary General of the United Nations. In addition, the respective agreements between The Fund and The Bank and its corporators manifestly declares its operations to be EXEMPT from ANY judicial, executive, or legislative process, and therefore these organizations and their agents are not “under the Authority of the United States” and are obviously in direct contravention of the Law of the Land. Moreover, judges and/or magistrates who are involved in “collections” for or in interest of Foreign Principals are in direct criminal violation of 18 USC 219.

Even the “U.S. Attorney General” is NOT an “Officer” of the “United States”. It is the Permanent Representative to INTERPOL and pursuant to the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of INTERPOL, it must EXPATRIATE. Under the INTERPOL Constitution, primary allegiance is to the international organization and not to any other nation or state. It is not paid by the United States. It is paid by The Fund and The Bank. INTERPOL is based in Lyons, France. By the way, the “Secretary of Treasury”, that is to say, the “Governor” of The Fund and The Bank, is the “ALTERNATE” representative. See: U.S. Government Manual, D.O.J., “United States National Central Bureau-International Criminal Police Organization”. See also: INTERPOL Constitution.

That’s probably enough to choke the average horse, but hey, sometimes people quit yawning and finally listen when this stuff ratchets up another notch. It’s long gone, and anyone who thinks the average guy on the beat is going to quit his meal ticket over one more layer of business as usual is dreaming. The guys who saw the transition are retired, (and many glad of it), but the new ones have hardly a clue.

Retired San Diego Detective Phillip Worts wrote some very good documentation on COPS, a federally funded program through Department of Just Us, (Community/Communist Oriented Policing), and which ought to be read, if you care how they brainwash the officers and the public.


Shift in philosophy about police duties vs. community responsibilities to a team concept of TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT of the community. Re-identifying the police role as a FACILITATOR in the community.

Translation: Transformation from a constitutionally empowered local police force performing their duty to keep the peace, to that of a change agent working within the community to affect a Marxist paradigm shift. Pay close attention to what the influential German Marxist Georg Lukacs had to say about who the facilitators are in the community: “The institutions in socialist society which act as the facilitators between the public and private realms are the Soviets. They [facilitators] are the congresses [diverse groups], which facilitate the debate [dialogue to consensus] of universal problems [social issues] in the context of the everyday.”

You still need to UNderstand how the Warner Act messed (see the Dick Act), with posse comitatus, and how it put the governors and all formerly “state” resources UNder FEMA/ DHS in an “emergency.”

Go back to sleep now, boys and girls, and have a nice trap — I mean nap.


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