QE Is Working And Will Continue To Do So

QE Is Working And Will Continue To Do So

October 3, 2012
by Jim Sinclair


Dear CIGAs,

QE works and It will continue to work if you understand the tool and the target of the tool. All those that so righteously declare that QE does not work are dead wrong and making public jerks of themselves among those that know.

It works alright, but employment and general economic activity are not the primary focus of this tool. The primary focus of QE is to prevent bankruptcy in financial entities and countries so far. It will be used to prevent state and pension fund bankruptcies. That is fact, not conversation.

I am not speculating that this will occur. I am telling you there is no other tool and like QE to infinity, before anyone noticed it arrived, is now focused on countries. I know it, not think it.

Those that converse or write both inside and outside of our community declaring QE failed and will fail again demonstrate zero knowledge of monetary science. QE has worked as it is designed to work, and will continue to do so as it adds new targets to prevent bankruptcy. The impact of QE will be a colossal impact, but it is not what the writers who aim at sensationalism even know about.

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