HOLODOMOR : The famine-genocide of Ukraine, 1932-1933.

There are some horrific pictures, in this piece.  This could not happen in America, could it?  I don’t think so.  At least not by the same tactics.  The sophistication of the globalists that do these things, is so much more advanced, today.  There is some indication that they are, today, killing us slowly.  Prescription drugs treat the symptoms and not the cause.  This leads to complications that cause the health of people to degrade and worsen, over time.
Some, or many?, vaccines contain heavy metals, viruses and other components that I would not want in my body.  In fact, I would consider vaccines to be assault with a deadly weapon.  There is a growing evidence that vaccines lead to autism, in children.  Then, there are forced vaccines in government schools, without parental knowledge or consent.  Vaccines are now required as a condition of continued employment, in many places.
Then,  consider genetically modified crops that contain foreign DNA, produce their own pesticides and yield sterile seeds.  The sterile seeds led many farmers in India, to commit suicide
Then, there is a major manufacturer that was sued for “accidentally” releasing live viruses, described as biological weapons of mass destruction, with intent.  Beware of a dirty word, but you can read an article about it: Lawsuit Charges Baxter, flu vaccine maker, with intentional release of live flu virus:  http://wtfsgoingon.typepad.com/what-the-fucks-going-on-blog/2009/11/lawsuit-charges-baxter-flu-vaccine-maker-with-intentional-release-of-live-flu-virus.html
Then, consider that pharmaceutical makers have been absolved of all liabilities, related to their products.  It doesn’t take much, to see a developing pattern.  You simply have to be willing to see the truth.  Please click the links to read more.

HOLODOMOR :  The famine-genocide of Ukraine, 1932-1933.


Holodomor:   Approximate Pronunciation:   huh luh duh more.
The literal definition of Holodomor is death by forced starvation. (Ukrainian)

In the spring of 1933, the rural population of Ukraine was dying at a rate of 25,000 a day, half of them children. The land that was known worldwide as the breadbasket of Europe, was being ravaged by a man-made famine of unprecedented scale.

It was engineered by Stalin and his hangmen to teach Ukraine’s independent farmers  “a lesson they would not forget” for resisting collectivization, which meant giving up their land and livestock to the state. (Ukraine was then under Soviet domination).  Moreover, it was meant to deal “a crushing blow” to any national aspirations of the Ukrainian people, 80 percent of whom were peasant farmers.

While millions of men, women and children in Ukraine and in the mostly ethnically Ukrainian areas of the northern Caucasus were dying, the Soviet Union was denying the famine and exporting enough grain from Ukraine to have fed the entire population.

The purpose of this website is twofold:

• To serve as a portal to information about the Holodomor: it’s tragic history and it’s great relevance to today’s world.

• To describe the work of the Connecticut Holodomor Awareness Committee, and how we can help educators and civic organizations host an event as part of your human rights, current awareness, history, or other educational programming.

Only by understanding the genocides of the past, can we hope to prevent others from occurring in our lifetime.

Holodomor Facts and History:


The following is a chronology of events that led to the “Holodomor”

Holodomor: approximate pronunciation: huh luh duh more



The Holodomor refers most specifically to the brutal artificial famine imposed on the Ukrainian people in 1932-33 by Stalin’s regime.

Child victim of holodomor
Child Victim of Famine

In its broadest sense, it refers to the Ukrainian genocide that began in 1929 with the massive waves of deadly deportations of Ukraine’s prospering peasant farmers as well as the deportations and executions of Ukraine’s religious, academic and cultural leaders, culminating in the devastating forced famine that killed millions more innocent men, women and children.

The genocide in fact continued for several more years with the further destruction of Ukraine’s political leadership, the resettlement of Ukraine’s depopulated areas with other ethnic groups, the blatant public denial of famine, and the prosecution of those who dared to speak of it publicly.

The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin take power in Russia.

The Soviet Union is formed with Ukraine becoming one of the republics.

After Lenin’s death, Joseph Stalin, one of the worst dictators in human history ascends to power.

Stalin introduces a program of agricultural collectivization that forces peasants/farmers to give up their private land and livestock, and join state owned, factory-like collective farms. Stalin decides that collective farms would not only feed the industrial workers in the cities but would also provide a substantial amount of grain to be sold abroad, with the money used to finance his industrialization plans.

A policy of enforcement is applied, using regular troops and secret police. Many Ukrainian peasants/farmers, known for their independence, still refuse to join the collective farms. Stalin decides to “liquidate them as a class” and accuses Ukrainians of “bourgeois nationalism.”

Hundreds of thousands are expropriated, dragged from their homes, packed into freight trains, and shipped to Siberia where they are left, often without food or shelter. In the end, 1,000,000 Ukrainian peasants are seized and more than 850,000 deported to the frozen tundras of Siberia, where many perished.

The Soviet government increases Ukraine’s production quotas by 44%, ensuring that they could not be met. Starvation becomes widespread.  Secret decrees are implemented that  allow arrest or execution of any starving peasant  found taking as little as a few stalks of wheat or a potato from the fields he worked.  By decree, discriminatory voucher systems are implemented, and military blockades are erected around Ukrainian villages preventing the transport of food into the villages and the hungry from leaving in search of food.  Brigades of young activists from other Soviet regions are brought in to confiscate hidden grain, and eventually all foodstuffs from the peasants’ homes.  Stalin states of Ukraine that “the national question is in essence a rural question” and he and his henchmen determine to “teach a lesson through famine” and ultimately,  to deal a “crushing blow” to the backbone of Ukraine, its rural population.

Ukrainians are dying at the rate of 25,000 a day, more than half were children.   In the end, up to 10 million starve to death.  Stalin denies to the world that there is any famine in Ukraine, and prevents international aid from entering the country.

Famine Victims
Corpses of Famine Victims on the streets.
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)


Uncovering the Truth:


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