A Rant of 1,169 Words, Plus 221 Words of Reference

How do you control candidates, or politicians, from the president, to congress, to the senate, to the supreme court?  Or, those at the state and local levels?

Speculation would lead you to believe that they all must work for “The Company”, before they could make a successful run for elective office.

How about through an organization, much like a business, but beyond the party level.
Almost like a secret society, a secret business organization, a shadow government.

Wouldn’t they need a sponsor.?

If a candidate or legislator runs afoul of corporate policy, they could find that they are on the outside, looking in. Or, dead.
Same thing, if they get too stupid with a reporter, or elsewhere.

If they tow the line, they maintain and grow their sponsor base.
This leads to pay raises, bonuses, promotions and perks.
Upward mobility.

The wealth they accumulate along the way, inoculates them from the fickle winds of electioneering. But, it is not who votes that counts. It is who counts the votes.

So, even if they succumb to elections, they have the security of a position as a lobbyist, in a think tank, or a top corporation.

Legislators follow orders.  “We have to pass this legislation, to see what’s in it.”
Those that craft legislation, know precisely the ramifications.
There is purposeful intent, and they do know what they are doing.

While Legislators have been corrupted, or co-opted, they are not ineffective.
They just follow orders.

A good example of how reality is truly different from contrived perceptions.
Just speculating about the way things might add up, as I’m no expert.
There seems to be a perpetual fallacy, that governments are out of control.
Or, that they have the citizen’s best interest at heart…

They are, in fact, in full control, subject only to orders from the globalists.
It is you that has no control.
You have no voice, no power, no property rights.
In fact, you have no rights under the US Constitution, at all.
An Unconstitutional law ain’t no law, at all.

The government ceased to be the final arbiter of justice, some years back.
Instead, the government has become the biggest perpetrator. It is blatant and in your face.
(Rhetorically): So, who you gonna call? What you gonna do about it?


We are a failed citizenry. A failed citizen is subjugated.
A subject has no voice, no power and no property rights.
The only rights you have, are those you are willing to fight, kill and die for.

Now, the heavy hand of government is a fully formed fist, that has begun squeezing a failed citizenry.  After the squeezing, come the blows…

Cops and other various enforcement agencies are the front lines of offense and defense, of the tyrants – the globalists.

Understand how things work… Broadly speaking, the low guy on the totem pole is the one to carry out orders, from his superior.  The superior formulates those orders based on policy.  That policy is derived from local, state and increasingly federal legislation.

Recall the Nuremberg Defense.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Superior orders (often known as the Nuremberg defense or lawful orders) is a plea in a court of law that a soldier not be held guilty for actions which were ordered by a superior officer.[1] The superior orders plea is similar to the doctrine of respondeat superior in tort law where a superior is held liable for the actions of a subordinate.[2] Some legal scholars and war crimes tribunals will correlate the plea to the doctrine of respondeat superior; whereas others will distinguish the plea from the doctrine of respondeat superior.

The superior orders plea is often regarded as the complement to command responsibility.[3]

One of the most noted uses of this plea, or “defense,” was by the accused in the 1945–46 Nuremberg Trials, such that it is also called the “Nuremberg defense”. The Nuremberg Trials were a series of military tribunals, held by the main victorious Allied forces of World War II, most notable for the prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, and economic leadership of the defeated Nazi Germany. It was during these trials, under the London Charter of the International Military Tribunal which set them up, that the defense of superior orders was no longer considered enough to escape punishment; but merely enough to lessen punishment.[4]

The cops’ job is to enforce the enslavement of himself, his wife, his children, his extended family, his friends, his neighbors, his community, his state and his nation.

I’ve never been in trouble with the law, in my life. But, there ain’t no cop, nowhere, that I would trust.
They have their protocol and procedures…  And, they enforce unconstitutional laws, every day of the week.

As it is, most of us will likely experience our very own private, up close and personal event, like Waco or Ruby Ridge. One way or another…

Federal, state and local perpetrators will continue to ignore our rights and do as they please, or as they are ordered, as long as it doesn’t cost them anything.


The world rulers control it all, and they have prepared for the chaos that they are perpetrating.  They have also prepared plans on what to do as it all comes down and what to do with the remnants.

Afterwards, you will likely have very little capacity to do anything.
The perpetrators will still have access and control of resources to impose their will on the future.

The boxes are: the soap box.  the ballot box.  the jury box….
When ALL ELSE FAILS, there’s the bullet box.  This is what the Second Amendment is all about.  It ain’t sports…
Three of the boxes have been used, abused and trashed.

Resist or Submit.  It is too late for words.


As I understand it, historically, Marxist always consolidate power under an iron fist.
They never relinquish the power they take…    Not peacefully.

Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.

–Harry S. Truman

They told us their plans.  It is in their writings, their associations, some of their words, and in their actions.  They hold the power, and they are very busy working our demise.


The cops who arrest you, work for the STATE, the prosecutors who prosecute you, work for the STATE, the attorney who represents you, is licensed by the STATE, the judge who oversees the court room, works for the STATE.

It’s not called the “Just Us” system for nothing…

They all work for the same boss = the STATE – and it’s in their best interest to nail the citizens to the wall. It secures their very being, employment-wise.

There is also some indication that the retirement plans of those that work for the enforcement systems, are heavily invested in Private Prisons.  This is known as the Prison Industrial Complex.

There are American businesses that are complaining about the competition.  They simply cannot compete against an entity that provides food and shelter, and $0.25 per hour, to their labor.

Remember this…it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to “SERVE” you, while they simultaneously “POLICE” you.


No one owns their home.  Otherwise, you would not have to pay property taxes. You are even listed on your deed as “Tenant”.

The seizure of property with “just” compensation, it’s called eminent domain.  It is not applied in your best interest, as indicated by cases in Connecticut, Texas and likely many other states.

Everyone rents.  No one is immune.  Allodial title does not exist, since common law left out the back door.  Thus, property “owners” are just glorified share croppers.

You own no more than you can carry, and defend.

Likewise, it is not your car!
The Manufactures certificate of origin is the true title and it goes to the state.
If the car was truly yours, you would not have an ID tag (license plate), insurance would be an option and you would not need state permission to drive it (drivers license).

The state can mandate what ever it wants, in its property.
That is you and everything you own and cherish.

The Housing Recovery, in Perspective.


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