Death of the USDollar – Count Down. The Dollar is Already Dead.

Some notes taken from Lindsey Williams Predictions, as heard on a radio program in November 2012.

1.  Inflation – Buy long term food for storage, now.
2.  2012-13, Promotion of Fear, to shut down your brain.

Death of the USDollar – Count Down..
The Dollar is Dead, now.

The signs:

  1.   Feb 2012, China, Japan trade agreement, without the USDollar
  2.   Sept 7, 2012, China Russia agree to trade without the USDollar.
  3.   China, Brazil agreement on currency swap.
  4.   China, Australia trade without the USDollar.
  5.    India, Japan will trade without the USDollar.
  6.    China, India buy oil from Iran, without the Dollar.
  7.    Iran, Russia will trade without the USDollar.
  8.   China, United Arab Emirates (UAE) trade  without the USDollar.
  9.   China, South Africa trade without the USDollar.
  10.   September 6, 2012, China will buy oil from any country that accepts payment in Chinese money.

Russia will sell China oil, without the USDollar.

It takes 6 to 8 months for those Dollars to return home to America.
By March 2013, Huge Inflation.

The USDollar is already dead and is coming home.
It is not wanted, around the world.  Financial ruin for US citizens, via hyper-inflation.

Derivative market will indicate the collapse, devaluation of the USDollar.
Interest rates rising is the last indicator before all fiat currencies collapse.
SDR – Strategic Drawing Rights is the new global currency will be backed by gold & silver.

Can you believe it?
How would you prepare for what is coming?

Would you relocate?  Live large?  Re-position financial assets?

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